Privacy-safe DTC and HCP segments that are higher in audience quality and drive greater lift over conventional targeting approaches

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Exclusive Segments With No Upfront or Additional Charges

Every therapy is specialized and each brand is unique so we don’t believe in traditional condition-based segments. We seek to understand your challenges and business goals when designing custom audiences. Whether you are a market leader, a new entrant facing adherence challenges or planning to execute a multi-product strategy, we can help you drive results.


The Highest Audience Quality As Measured by Independent Third Parties 

We maintain the industry's highest standard of performance markers as validated by third parties. And if you reveal your Audience Quality (AQ) Benchmark upfront, we guarantee to meet or exceed it. Higher AQ drives greater engagement, optimizes conversion and ultimately increases script lift, as well as boosts therapy adherence and thus patient lifetime value.


Patented HIPAA-Certified and NAI-Compliant "Privacy-Safe" Technology

We're the first consumer health data company to become a member of the NAI. Swoop also pioneered and patented a HIPAA-compliant privacy by design data architecture and founded our own Patient Advocacy and Privacy Board. We ensure 100% compliance with all laws, policies and guidelines.



Ideal Patient Audiences

Exclusive DTC segments that fuel optimal cross-channel activation.

Ideal Patient Segments

Uncover patient behaviors through the precision of AI and SDOH data.

Ideal HCP Audiences

Reach your target HCPs based on content, message and channel affinity.


Privacy-Safe Target Segments of Ideal Patients



Re-Imagine Your HCP Advertising



The Swoop Difference

For too long, the healthcare and life sciences industry has been constrained by the antiquated thinking, processes and systems of a marketplace that produces broad, generic, one-size-fits-all DTC and HCP audiences. Simply put, conventional technology, data and service companies have failed to consider a brand’s specific market definitions, core therapeutic advantages and audience quality goals up front. The result? An undifferentiated message that broadly reaches too many or even the wrong targets that never actually convert and drive Rx lift.

Swoop is changing all this.
Ideal Healthcare Audiences

Precise target segments are built against your unique patient definitions and brand objectives and are guaranteed to exceed your audience quality goals.

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Quickly Deployed Target Segments

No "one-size-fits-all." here. Ideal DTC and HCP segments are built, tested and ready for launch in just 30 days with no additional cost to customize or update. Ever.

Precise Omnichannel Activation

Choose from a wide range of Programmatic, Social Media, Addressable TV, Connected TV, Data-Driven Linear TV and On-Demand Audio deployments.


Swoop By the Numbers


Exclusive Patient Audiences


Of the Top 50 Pharmaceutical Brands


Of the Top 20 Healthcare Agencies


Comprehensive Activation Channels

Our exclusive patient and health care provider audiences can be deployed across channels via the industry's widest variety of engagement options.


Activate via Swoop's best-in-class programmatic partner network.

Social Media

Reach audiences on the platforms with the largest logged-in userbases.


Plan and execute across addressable, connected and linear television.


Engage audiences on streaming services and Internet/terrestrial radio.


A Strong Partner Network

We align with the leading agencies and best minds in the programmatic, digital marketing, advertising and communications industry.

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By partnering with Swoop, Abbott gained a 13x Return on Marketing Investment to educate and activate patients who could benefit from its surgical treatment for mitral regurgitation (MR)
Through Swoop, a leading pharmaceutical company refined its targeting strategy so that for every impression that went to a diagnosed patient, two were directed to diagnosed patients who were commercially insured and three to those seeking HCPs.
With Swoop's help, a large pharmaceutical company was able to migrate from a single messaging set for HCPs and patients to definitive loyal and competitive market segments with coordinated message differentiation.
Swoop helped a top pharmaceutical company refine its NPI list based on Real World Data of HCP prescribing and diagnosing patters to focus a greater portion of its investment on the highest priority HCPs for optimal campaign performance.
After partnering with Swoop to successfully enter a competitive category by targeting high-value HCPs, a leading pharmaceutical company renewed their campaign with a 10x increase in budget.