The Swoop and Patient Advocacy and Privacy Advisory Board

The ability of data-driven technology companies to predict and shape patient outcomes creates both an opportunity and a responsibility: the responsibility to uphold and protect patient and consumer privacy. The lack of regulatory and guidelines in this emerging area complicates matters, as questions such as “What is a positive patient outcome, and who sets the standard?”, “What data is acceptable to use in order to make predictions, and who decides?” exist in a grey area with no clearly defined answers.

It is in order to lead the industry away from that ambiguity that we formed the Swoop and Patient Advocacy and Privacy Advisory Board. The Board will allow Swoop and to continue to be at the forefront of using the constantly-improving power of AI and digital messaging for direct patient benefits while protecting consumer rights and lowering healthcare costs.

The Swoop and Patient Advocacy and Privacy Advisory Board Members

Patricia Bailin
Patricia BailinHead of Privacy and Data Ethics, Datavant
Based in the Bay Area, Patricia is a leading expert in the ever-more-important realm of data privacy. Before joining Datavant, she was the Privacy Officer for LiveRamp and the Director of Privacy for Product and Engineering at Acxiom. Additionally, she served as a Westin Fellow at the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Westin Research Center.
Ronnie Sharpe
Ronnie SharpeCo-Founder, Savvy Cooperative; Patient Voice Advocate
Ronnie is a dedicated advocate of patients as the driver behind every solution in healthcare. He is the co-founder of Savvy Cooperative, a patient-driven, patient-owned platform connecting healthcare industry professionals with patients (, and founder of CysticLife, an online community for cystic fibrosis patients.