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Swoop is more than an ad network – we’re a closed-loop marketplace, boasting direct relationships with our publishers and advertisers. You can’t buy us on an exchange. We don’t throw your ads at low-value traffic to fill a quota. Most importantly, all of our publishers and advertisers are premium organizations who have been vetted, and we know where your ads run every time.

Toyota advertises with Swoop - auto advertising
Chevrolet runs automotive search advertising with Swoop
Swoop search advertising is part of Hyundai's automotive ad selection
Honda finds new search queries to advertise against with Swoop
Nature's Way uses Swoop to extend their automotive search advertising beyond the search engines
Abbvie advertises health products with Swoop search ads
Pharmaceutical powerhouse Amgen advertises on search queries with Swoop
American Express runs Swoop search advertising - financial ads
Proctor and Gamble runs search ads with Swoop - food and health ads
Oppenheimer finds finance search queries to advertise against with Swoop
Mercedes-Benz works with Swoop for automotive search advertising
Edward Jones finds search buyers with Swoop search advertising
Buick uses Swoop to find automotive search queries to advertise tires against with Swoop
Allstate keeps finding new search queries beyond the serp with Swoop ads
General Mills finds search queries across food blogs with Swoop's unique search ads
Kraft knows how to get in front of the foodies with Swoop search advertising
Allergan finds health-related search queries to bid on with Swoop
Campbells provides food searchers with delicious recipes by advertising with Swoop
GlaxoSmithKline advertises on health searches with Swoop
Walgreens advertises on Swoop's millions and millions of health search queries

Guaranteed 100% Viewable Ads

Swoop search ads are guaranteed 100% viewableAccording to a recent study by IPG Media Lab, 57% of display ads are not human viewable. Swoop is different – we guarantee all ads served to be¬†100% human viewable. We can do this because our ads do not serve in pre-defined IAB ad slots – our ads are dynamically created in the spot they’re most likely to be seen and acted on, and we don’t render ads until they enter a user’s viewport.

Why is viewability important?

Viewability is an important factor in all digital advertising because if someone doesn’t see your ad, not only can they not click on it, they can’t even receive any passive branding from it. Additionally, if an ad that is designated to be below the fold doesn’t render until it reaches the viewport, bots cannot click on it.

Because bot-driven ad fraud is a concern for the digital advertising industry, we take every precaution to ensure that our anti-fraud measures are best in class. Viewability is part of that – bots can’t click on ads that haven’t rendered.

Class-Leading Transparency

Swoop provides transparency into where your ads are showing, and where your clicks come fromSwoop does something almost no other ad tech providers do: we provide transparency into where your ads are running. Because we do not operate via exchanges, all of our ads run on premium publications with which we have a direct relationship. All our publishers are individually vetted by our team, and we can provide advertisers with a measure of transparency into where their clicks are coming from that few other companies can offer.

Why is transparency important?

Transparency is key in making sure that your ads are showing in appropriate locations to appropriate users. Swoop’s robust search targeting ensures that ad impressions are served to users with high intent, and our relationship with our publishers ensures that ads are serving on known, quality sites with vetted, quality traffic.

This also ensures that our ads never show on low-quality clickbait or bot-infested sites. In fact, we actively remove sites that show a high rate of bot traffic, ensuring that your ads are appearing to actual human beings with actual intent.

Third-Party Ad Fraud Protection

Swoop offers advertisers best-in-class click fraud protectionSwoop has partnered with Forensiq, one of the most widely-celebrated and highly-cited sources of ad fraud detection. In addition to being members of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Forensiq has won multiple awards including the LeadsCouncil LEADER Award for Best-In-Class for Fraud Detection.

By leveraging Forensiq, Swoop can guarantee that ad clicks are coming from real people, not bots or click farms. We are serious about fighting fraud, and Forensiq gives us the ammunition to know that our best practices are reaping rewards for our advertising clients.

Why is third-party ad fraud protection important?

Swoop works hard to ensure that our advertising environment is conductive to generating real, valuable, actionable leads from real people. We know that our direct relationship with our premium publishers helps keep bots away from our ads, and we know that our high rates of conversion mean we’re driving real, valuable traffic.

However, ad fraud is a real issue, with standard advertising bid models losing an estimated $7 billion annually to fraudulent activity. Having a third party involved that does ad fraud protection and nothing but ad fraud protection allows us to verify that our traffic is real, allows us to block IP blocks known to be sources of fraudulent traffic, and allows us to remove publications from our network that show concerning levels of bot traffic.

Click Protection

Swoop offers click protection, a very important feature for mobile advertisingSometimes people accidentally click on ads, and we believe advertisers shouldn’t have to pay for those. This is why Swoop offers our Click Protection, in which clicks we consider to be accidental do not count against advertiser spend. We determine a click to be accidental if:

  • The click is too fast – if someone clicks on an ad faster than a human could recognize it and make a decision to click
  • The click is on the edge of the creative – if someone looks like they accidentally clicked the very edge of the creative when trying to scroll, or click something else

Swoop takes great pride in finding relevant users, serving them relevant ads, and sending people to our advertisers who actually have an interest in their products or services. Accidental clicks don’t live up to those standards, so we don’t charge for them.

Why is click protection important?

It saves advertisers money, it drives up ROI, it drives down CPAs and it ensures that the people whose attention you pay for are giving it to you.

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