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At Swoop, we don’t believe in off-the-shelf segments. Tell us exactly what your ideal patient looks like, and we will develop a unique segment to target the population best-suited to achieving your specific goals. Your KPIs are unique, and the audience that is best-suited to drive those KPIs needs to be unique as well – the same audience your competitors are targeting simply isn’t good enough.

Beyond populations built to model diagnoses and symptoms, Swoop is able to customize your audience in almost any way you see fit:

  • Likely patients with diagnosing HCPs
  • Likely patients with commercial insurance
  • Likely patients with HCPs known to prescribe your treatment
  • Likely patients with HCPs known to prescribe a competitive treatment

Swoop builds your segments to your specific needs.

Your business is always moving forward, and you don’t have time to wait for vendors to go through a long, excruciating process. At Swoop, you don’t have to sacrifice getting segments built in time for getting them built right – all custom segments are built at no cost and are ready for launch within two weeks.

Make sure your custom audience segment is working for you now, not six months from now, with Swoop.

Swoop knows that the delivery of an audience is just step one in your commercial endeavors. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of performance, and if you tell us your Audience Quality benchmark, we will guarantee to meet or beat it.

Custom audiences from Swoop drive ROI. Period.

Swoop’s patient segments meet all HIPAA, CCPA and NAI 2020 requirements. We are proactive in not only following, but helping define consumer protections – check out our Patient Advocacy and Privacy Advisory Board to see who we’ve recruited to help us ensure that our audience-building solutions are good for patients as well as clients.

We hold ourselves accountable for what we build. As such, we provide Audience Quality, Audience Insights and RX Lift reporting – all free of charge. We want you to know that your investment in a Swoop custom audience is bearing fruit, because at the end of the day, our goal is to be a valuable partner, not just another vendor.

A custom audience is incredibly powerful, if you have invested in the research to define, understand or identify your ideal patient. If you don’t already have a fully-defined ideal patient, Swoop’s commercial analytics subsidiary IPM.ai will help you build one with a robust patient-finding project.

Custom Audience Segments

We understand that every therapy is specialized and each brand has unique, changing sets of objectives.  That is why we don’t believe in traditional condition-based segments.  Our goal is to understand your business, goals and challenges and design custom audience targeting segments to fit.  Whether you are a market leader, a new entrant, facing adherence challenges or looking to execute a multi-product market segmentation strategy, Swoop has the custom audience solution for you.

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HCP/NPI Engagement

The most flexible way to target and reach NPIs, effectively and at scale.  Swoop can target your current NPI list, or Swoop can build you a custom NPI list based on Specialty, Prescribing or Diagnosis information.  Additionally, we can uncover healthcare providers who might not be on your radar with a Patient Finding project that identifies un-diagnosed patients and links them to their HCPs.  Swoop offers NPI level targeting, including 1 to 1 Programmatic targeting via any DSP with NPI level reporting, as well as 1 to 1 targeting on the Swoop endemic health network with NPI level reporting.  In addition, Swoop offers keyword targeting on our endemic network of HCP sites.

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HCP and DTC Working Together

The Patient Journey from symptom, to physician, to diagnosis, to therapy can be a long one with many different factors influencing the final prescription choice, and the patient’s adherence to the medication.  By synchronizing your marketing efforts, you can maximize the likelihood of the desired outcome.  No longer to DTC and HCP advertising have to be treated as independent endeavors, rather each can leverage off of the other.  In fact, Swoop along with our subsidiary IPM.ai, can synchronize these marketing efforts with your sales force trigger programs as well.  Now it is possible to schedule a sales call on a high value HCP, follow that call up with reinforcing advertising direct to that specific HCP, while also advertising to diagnosed patients of that HCP to drive them into the office while your Brand is top of mind.  A truly coordinated marketing approach to improve patient outcomes.

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Swoop’s patient segments meet all HIPAA, CCPA and NAI 2020 requirements, including those for sensitive conditions

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