Swoop Builds Custom Segments to Meet All Of Your Market Segmentation Strategies

Client Challenge:

  • A Brand in a large competitive market where they are not the market leader needs to ensure that their media investment is driving the greatest possible lift, vs driving competitive prescribing activity
  • Traditional segments are driving activity across all available therapies based on HCP prescribing habits

Swoop Approach:

  • Build a tiered approach to segmenting the market, with increasing frequency based on the likelihood of a patient being prescribed the Brand’s therapy
  • The following custom segments were created
    1. All diagnosed or likely to be diagnosed patients, to ensure Brand awareness is built across the entire potential market
    2. Diagnosed + Commercially insured patients to leverage the work the Brand team had done with the plan providers
    3. Diagnosed +seeing an HCP who has prescribed the therapy to further focus on patients of Brand loyal Prescribers


By layering custom targeting segments together the Brand was able to move from impressions evenly spread across a segment of all diagnosed patients, to a model where for every 1 impression that went to a diagnosed patient, 2 where directed to those diagnosed patients that were commercially insured and 3 to those seeing HCPs who have prescribed the therapy, ensuring that marketing activity followed the sales funnel.