Swoop Synchronizes DTC and HCP Marketing Efforts To Drive Better Outcomes

Client Challenge:

  • A large Pharmaceutical company had a siloed approach to DTC and HCP marketing
  • The challenge was to leverage the existing investments and to boost RX rates by coordinating these efforts rather than investing more

Swoop Approach:

  • Swoop built a set of custom patient audience segments as well as custom NPI lists all designed to work in concert
  • There were two overall strategies implemented, one focusing on current prescribing HCPs and one focused on HCPs prescribing competitive therapies
    • Current Prescribing HCPs and their patients
      • DTC – target diagnosed patients seeing these HCPs with Brand messaging to drive them into the HCP
      • HCP – target these loyal prescribers with Brand messaging reinforcing the therapies efficacy
    • Competitive Prescribing HCPs and their patients
      • DTC – target non-adherent diagnosed patients who were on a competitive therapy with messaging emphasizing the therapeutic advantages of the therapy
      • HCP – target these HCPs with messaging around the specific advantages of the therapy


By moving away from one set of messaging for all HCPs and one for all patients, to two different market segments, loyal and competitive, and coordinating and differentiating the messaging, it was possible to provide the appropriate message to the appropriate audience driving the best possible ROI.