Swoop Finds Prescribing HCPs For Digital Outreach

Client Challenge:

  • A large Pharmaceutical company has a therapy that is often prescribed for off label use
  • Messaging to HCPs for off label use is prohibited
  • Traditional HCP lists are built off of Prescribing data
  • So how do they focus their investment just to HCPs who are prescribing for approved uses?

Swoop Approach:

  • By leveraging the RWE claims and prescription data on 280+ million patients in the US Swoop was able to provide greater insight into physician prescribing habits
  • A list of HCPs prescribing was generated as well as a list of HCPs diagnosing
  • First by comparing the two lists HCPs prescribing, but not diagnosing could be eliminated
  • Further refinement was made possible by looking at diagnosis rates compared to prescribing rates to decile rank the HCPs


By refining the NPI list based on HCPs prescribing AND diagnosing the Brand was able to focus a greater portion of their investment on the highest priority HCPs