With years of experience working with the world’s biggest automotive brands and a unique ability to optimize in real-time for real-world auto buying activities, Swoop is ready to help you solve your automotive advertising challenges.

Swoop Drives Real Users, Because Bots Don’t Visit Dealerships

Dealer Visit Optimization

Swoop is the only advertising partner able to optimize in real-time for actual visits to dealerships. By leveraging location data, Swoop’s advertising ensures you get the most prospects into your low-funnel sales structure as possible for the best price.

On-Site Action Optimization

With an unparalleled network of endemic automotive websites and powerful back-end AI/ML, Swoop is uniquely positioned to empower automotive marketing teams to create campaigns that take advantage of and optimize for your high-value digital actions. Optimize for all actions, optimize for specific actions, or let Swoop leverage our real-world outcome data to determine what digital actions become car sales at the highest, most cost-effective rate.

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