By combining a unique view of the online journey taken by an in-market consumer and location data tracking actual dealer visits, Swoop employs advanced AI with intelligence by to help automotive brands Find, Engage and Convert in-market automotive shoppers

Automotive Marketing Challenges

Driving Dealer Visits

Swoop’s network of endemic automotive sites gives a unique view of the online journey an in-market shopper takes. Combined with Location data of actual dealer visits and powerful AI, Swoop offers unparalleled ability to drive increased dealer visits.

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Conquesting In-Market Shoppers

Given the declining number of dealers a shopper visits prior to making a purchase, ensuring your vehicle is in a consumer’s consideration set while they are shopping online is critical. Swoop’s network of endemic automotive sites gives a view into the current consideration set and the opportunity for you to insert your brand into the conversation, while the consumer is still in the research mode.

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Driving Shopping Actions

Driving consumers to your site is good, but more important is driving the right consumer to take the right action. Whether it is Build and Price, Locate a Dealer, or Inventory Lookup, certain actions are more closely linked to sales, and Swoop is dedicated to running all campaigns on a CPA basis, ensuring you will achieve your marketing goals.

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Swoop, with intelligence by, helps you Find, Engage and Convert Your Ideal Populations for a full Omni-Channel Marketing Solution. Contact us today to learn more

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