Building Awareness and Driving Users Through The Funnel

Swoop’s powerful AI and machine learning back-end allows us to optimize your ad spend towards on-site actions, providing you with:

  • More visits to your site and more meaningful on-site actions
  • Drive actions like Build & Price, Watch a Video or Download a Brochure
  • Cost-effective CPAs get more low-funnel consumers for less spend

Find In-Market Auto Buyers During The Research Process

Swoop’s network of top-tier automotive websites and search-inspired ad targeting allows you to find a new source of users who:

  • Are currently researching a new car purchase
  • Have expressed interest in your vehicle or a direct competitor
  • Are ready to take actions on your website
Find your customers when they're looking for a vehicle

Remove The Worry of Ad Fraud

Swoop takes a hard stance on ad fraud – we are aggressively dedicated to providing our advertisers with real traffic:

  • Founding members of TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group)
  • 100% viewable ads and transparent publisher site lists
  • Forensiq fraud detection running on all traffic
Bots Fear Swoop - Clamping down on ad fraud