Making Automotive Conquesting Affordable

You’ve tried conquesting with search and traditional ad buys, but Swoop makes it work by combining the two:

  • Search-inspired targeting allows for competitive keyword targeting lists
  • Users are given your ad at the right time, while they’re researching a competitor’s vehicle
  • Powerful back-end ML/AI optimizes for CPAs traditionally associated with brand terms
Conquesting that actually works - pass your competition like they're standing still

Drive Users To Your Dealerships With Location-Aware Optimization

With Swoop’s ability to optimize for Cost per Unique Dealer Visit (CPUDV) and access to user location data, conquesting campaigns can be used as real-world action drivers:

  • Optimize campaigns for actual real-world dealer visits
  • Conquest against visits to competitors’ dealerships
  • Put the maximum number of conquested, ready-to-buy researchers in the hands of your low-funnel sales infrastructure

Remove The Worry of Ad Fraud

Swoop takes a hard stance on ad fraud – we are aggressively dedicated to providing our advertisers with real traffic:

  • Founding members of TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group)
  • 100% viewable ads and transparent publisher site lists
  • Forensiq fraud detection running on all traffic
Bots Fear Swoop - Clamping down on ad fraud