Auto Index – A Great Year for SUVs, Not So Good for Luxury and Sports Cars

Recently, new Ford CEO Jim Hackett detailed the importance of SUVs and alternative-fuel vehicles going forward, moving away from passenger cars. From a business perspective, this makes sense – SUVs and trucks tend to have higher margins, and Americans seem to be buying them more than they are traditional passenger […]

Automotive Digital Brand Exposure Index – Q3 2017

The US automotive industry is one of the largest spenders on digital advertising, spending over $7 billion in 2015 and projected to grow significantly in coming years. The goal, of course, is to grow their digital exposure footprint and their sales numbers, and the Swoop Digital Brand Exposure Index (DBEI) is designed […]

Swoop Adds IBM Global Chief Data Officer to Board

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 12, 2017 — Swoop, the Cambridge-based search marketplace focused on driving actionable traffic for automotive and health advertisers, today announced the addition of IBM’s Inderpal Bhandari to their Board of Directors. Dr. Bhandari, IBM’s Global Chief Data Officer, brings a wealth of experience in the utilization of deep learning, data science, AI […]

Swoop Case Study: Major Pharmaceutical Brand

This major pharmaceutical brand runs an informational website on COPD, a respiratory disease often confused with asthma. They tasked their search agency, with driving users to register on the website. The challenge, as expressed by the brand’s search agency, was how to expand the number of COPD-related keywords. At a […]

The most impactful auto flagship models by visibility

Most Important Flagship Vehicles

One potentially valuable automotive marketing material is the flagship vehicle – that single car, truck or van that may not sell the most, but which captures the imagination, pulls eyeballs and helps define a brand’s identity. Chevrolet’s Corvette is a great example, as the venerable testament to American automotive power […]

Swoop Expands Commitment to Real-World Marketing Outcomes

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Continuing his company’s industry-leading drive to tie digital activity with real-world outcomes, Swoop co-founder and CTO Simeon Simeonov has joined the IAB’s Identity & Audience Data and Measurement & Attribution Committees. Swoop, a digital advertising marketplace focused on the automotive and health verticals, […]

Automotive visibility by country of brand - US regions

The USA – Where A Brand’s Home Country Matters

A quick follow-up to our latest Digital Automotive Brand Visibility Index, we’ve started looking at locations across the USA to see what countries’ brands are most-read-about where: Throughout Middle America, American brands are more-read-about than the national average. However, if you look at the coasts, you see a decline in […]