Corvette's biggest topics of interest

Why is the Corvette so popular?

The Chevrolet Corvette topped the list of most visible automobiles in our latest Automotive Digital Brand Exposure Index, meaning that it’s basically the most popular automobile in North America. What’s more, the Corvette has been the most popular vehicle in our index every time we’ve run the data, ever since […]

Melissa McCarthy's commercial a win for Kia

Melissa McCarthy A Win for Kia

During the Super Bowl, one of the more memorable commercials featured Hollywood superstar Melissa McCarthy driving a Kia from one save-the-planet pratfall to another. The commercial was memorable, but the important question, from an automotive advertising perspective, is whether or not Kia got the brand value out of McCarthy’s antics, […]

Mercedes-Benz B-Class - Visibility Gainer of the Quarter, Q4 2016

Automotive Digital Brand Exposure Index – Q4 2016

The US automotive industry is one of the largest spenders on digital advertising, spending over $7 billion in 2015 and projected to grow significantly in coming years. The goal, of course, is to grow their digital exposure footprint and their sales numbers, and the Swoop Digital Brand Exposure Index (DBEI) […]

Anxiety graph among Americans - early 2017

American Anxiety in 2017

How are Americans feeling as Q1 2017 rolls onwards? One interesting quirk we found while researching for our Digital Health Visibility Index is a decline and then spike in people reading about anxiety and anxiety-related topics. It also seems to correlate with certain political milestones over the past few months […]

Top health category - Q4 2016

Digital Health Visibility Index – Q4 2016

The Internet is awash with health sites – some 80% of American Internet users look up health issues online, and 60% of those people spend their time on our network of endemic health websites. Once again, Swoop has polled the data from our traffic to take the pulse of what […]

Super Bowl visibility effect - auto

The Super Bowl Effect – Automotive Visibility Index

The Super Bowl is great, particularly for those of us who happen to live in the greater Boston area. One reason it’s so great: every year, football fans and non-football-fans alike tune in to see arguably the greatest, most creative day of TV commercials. A great, clever commercial can generate […]

Automotive Brand Index – Digital Exposure vs. Sales

I’ve gotten quite a few questions about last week’s automotive digital brand exposure index, mostly centered around cars actually being sold. It’s an interesting dynamic; inspiring a lot of organic digital conversation about your models builds a brand, and building a brand is done with the express purpose of selling […]