Scott Rines

Scott is Chief Revenue Officer of Swoop, where he is charged with driving client development, customer value and revenue growth with Agencies and Manufacturers. He has over 20+ years of leading and building performance-focused teams in health care and CPG.

Developing a Privacy Conscience

By: John Seaner, CMO, Swoop/

With recent media attention devoted to privacy breaches, protecting patient data has never been more important to the healthcare industry. Pharmaceutical companies are under pressure to build systems that ensure patient data is secure. Adding to this pressure, is the fact that the majority of companies are unclear about who is governing or touching their data, their internal mandates, and who will be the go-to in the event of a breach. Privacy must also be adhered to without hindering the information exchange that has become key for studying conditions over the long term and creating drugs that address this.

Why Your NPI Advertising List is Incomplete

By: Scott Rines, CFO, Swoop/ 

Influencing healthcare providers via digital NPI targeting is...