Auto models with highest online visibility

Automotive Digital Brand Exposure Index – Q3 2016

The US automotive industry is one of the largest spenders on digital advertising, spending over $7 billion in 2015 and projected to grow significantly in coming years. The goal, of course, is to grow their digital exposure footprint and their sales numbers, and the Swoop Digital Brand Exposure Index (DBEI) […]

Top Thanksgiving recipes for 2016

The Most Popular Thanksgiving Recipes in 2015 and 2016

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and if you are an advertiser or a recipe website what should you be communicating to consumers? The best roast turkey recipe? Pumpkin pie? Gravy from giblets? No, no and no. What people are interested in is how to make Thanksgiving dinner a bit more healthy, with […]

Bounce rate is a useless KPI

Why Bounce Rate Needs To Die

There are a lot of digital marketing metrics which have been ushered into well-deserved graves over the years: impressions, followers, fans, visits. As marketers have become more and more savvy – and digital analytics have become better – we’ve found ourselves able to connect almost everything to real, business-valuable metrics. […]

Bing now offers search ads in content, just like Swoop

Welcome To The Party, Bing!

This week we welcome Microsoft to the world of search advertising on endemic content with their Bing Native Search Ads – welcome to the party, Bing! We at Swoop are very excited by this – the second-biggest search advertising platform in the world sees content as the next frontier of search […]

Swoop and Performance

Earlier this year we discussed Swoop’s impact on page load times, as consumers and publishers alike put the speed of their site front and center. Now, let’s dive a little deeper into how Swoop works, and the measures we put in place to ensure the fastest possible load times. Fully-controlled […]

Online interest in health topic vs. population - Q2 2016

Digital Health Visibility Index – Q2 2016

The Internet is awash with health sites – some 80% of American Internet users look up health issues online. As we did with our Automotive Digital Brand Exposure Index, we at Swoop wanted to look at what, exactly, people are reading about in order to get better insight into the […]