I’ve gotten quite a few questions about last week’s automotive digital brand exposure index, mostly centered around cars actually being sold. It’s an interesting dynamic; inspiring a lot of organic digital conversation about your models builds a brand, and building a brand is done with the express purpose of selling cars.

With that being said, I pulled the latest Edmunds.com data on auto sales by make to see how it lined up with our digital exposure data. The result is this look at the top-10 most-exposed auto brands:

Digital exposure of automotive brands versus car sales, Q2 2016

Ford seems to do very well in both moving vehicles and generating organic conversations in the digital space. It’s interesting to note that Chevrolet – with the most-discussed car in Q2, the Corvette – has a stronger digital presence than their sales numbers would suggest, perhaps pointing to the effect an aspirational flagship vehicle has on a brand’s ability to spark conversation.

If we look at the data slightly differently, we can see how many cars the most-visible brands sold in May on a per-percent-of-exposure basis:

Automotive sales per percent of digital exposure, Q2 2016

Do you have a suggestion for more ways to cut our data, or more data you’d like to see compared with the Digital Brand Exposure Index? Reach out to [email protected] and I’ll see about making it happen.

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