Transparency and Brand Safety

Transparency is top of mind for digital advertisers, thanks in large part to some widely-publicized issues regarding ads being displayed on non-brand-safe content. At Swoop, we have always been strongly dedicated to our clients’ brand equity, and have built a system that protects and supports it in multiple ways: Quality […]

Bing now offers search ads in content, just like Swoop

Welcome To The Party, Bing!

This week we welcome Microsoft to the world of search advertising on endemic content with their Bing Native Search Ads – welcome to the party, Bing! We at Swoop are very excited by this – the second-biggest search advertising platform in the world sees content as the next frontier of search […]

Viewability is an important way to ensure ad clicks come from humans, not bots

Transparency, Viewability and Accountability in Ad Tech

Viewability, transparency and accountability – three elements as individually rare in Ad Tech as they are important. In an environment where click fraud, bot traffic and ad blocking threaten to waste advertisers’ money and decimate publishers’ ability to generate revenue from their work, transparency, visibility and accountability in digital advertising […]

As Search Inventory Gets Tighter, Swoop Can Fill In The Gaps

In case you missed the big SEM news, Google is nixing the right-rail ads on desktop search results. At the same time, for “highly commercial queries,” the search giant will be adding a fourth ad above the results. Naturally, the response to this announcement has been one of concern over […]

Native Advertising Or “Native” Advertising?

Everyone wants a part of native advertising – for the past several years, it’s been the hot, buzzworthy “evolution” in digital advertising. But what passes for “native” advertising is, generally speaking, nothing more than slightly rebranded display ads, placed into a standard ad slot within or directly below the content […]

When South Park Takes Aim At You, You Should Pay Attention

Like most 30-somethings, I’ve been watching South Park since its inception. This season, the focus has been brutally accurate, taking aim at PC culture, the American political process (mostly skewering Donald Trump’s candidacy), attitudes towards immigration, and gentrification. This past week, the show turned its focus on advertising, and we […]

DraftKings, Retargeting and Pissed Off Consumers

The NFL season is about halfway through, and if you’ve watched any sports, gone to any sports-related websites, listened to any sports radio or, generally, woken up and consumed any media during that time, you’ve probably found yourself inundated with ads for one-week fantasy football. DraftKings and FanDuel, the two […]