Bing now offers search ads in content, just like Swoop

Welcome To The Party, Bing!

This week we welcome Microsoft to the world of search advertising on endemic content with their Bing Native Search Ads – welcome to the party, Bing! We at Swoop are very excited by this – the second-biggest search advertising platform in the world sees content as the next frontier of search […]

Viewability is an important way to ensure ad clicks come from humans, not bots

Transparency, Viewability and Accountability in Ad Tech

Viewability, transparency and accountability – three elements as individually rare in Ad Tech as they are important. In an environment where click fraud, bot traffic and ad blocking threaten to waste advertisers’ money and decimate publishers’ ability to generate revenue from their work, transparency, visibility and accountability in digital advertising […]

Consumer Engagement With Digital Advertising

There have been a number of studies recently looking at consumer engagement with various forms of digital advertising. By pulling together a number of these different studies, I’ll attempt to sort through the background noise and determine what is noise in the system and what is signal. In this specific […]

Content Monetization: The Future of AdTech and Native Advertising

The old real estate maxim of location, location, location describes why identical houses can cost vastly different amounts based on their premium locations.  In the digital world the value of premium locations is quickly becoming devalued.   Publishers are faced with competition from an infinite amount of undifferentiated real estate.  Retargeting […]