Search Advertising

As Search Inventory Gets Tighter, Swoop Can Fill In The Gaps

In case you missed the big SEM news, Google is nixing the right-rail ads on desktop search results. At the same time, for “highly commercial queries,” the search giant will be adding a fourth ad above the results. Naturally, the response to this announcement has been one of concern over […]

When Your SERP Ad Isn’t Clicked

If you’re really good at SEM, your ads get clicked a bit over 2% of the time. What happens the 98% of the time, then, when your search engine ad shows but the user doesn’t click? Is that potential customer lost? Do you just hope they execute the same search […]

I Don’t Always Click On Ads, But When I Do…

…I expect them to deliver. In the spirit of Cinco De Mayo, I channeled my inner Most Interesting Man in the World for this blog post. One of my most frustrating experiences with an online ad was a time when I clicked on an ad with very specific copy with […]

A Little Economics Around Digital Advertising

Over the weekend I was cleaning the basement and found my old Macroeconomics textbook. As I relived those fond memories of IS LM curves and Adam Smith, I began to think about how the basic laws of economics apply to digital advertising.    The simplest way is to think about it […]

The Year of Mobile and Search

The IAB 2013 Internet Advertising Revenue Report is out and Mobile stole the show. In case you were too busy mourning the death of your NCAA bracket last week, here are the highlights: Mobile revenue grew 110% from 2012 and now commands 17% of all internet ad revenue. However, there […]

The Great Void Between Search and Everything Else

By Ron Elwell, CEO With over 50% of every digital dollar going to search, Marketers have indicated with their wallets that placement on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is the most effective form of digital advertising.   In fact, the nearly insatiable demand for search advertising is such that search […]


Swoop News – The Latest from the World of Search

In any round up of search news, a change made to the core Google search algorithm would have to lead the way.   But in the case of Google Hummingbird, this was not a change, but rather a completely new, built-from-scratch algorithm.  This is rather old news now, the change being […]