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Responsive Advertising: A Necessity for Responsive Websites

Mobile traffic now makes up roughly 56% of consumer traffic to top US websites. This is unlikely to be a surprise to anyone involved in digital publishing – for several years now, the mobile bandwagon has been the band-wagoniest thing for publishers, as the rise in HTML (and CSS and […]

Load times for publishers are often impacted by user tracking code

Swoop and Page Load Times

Numerous surveys have shown that consumers are ever more frustrated by slow page loading times, and many consumers are pointing the finger at advertising.  This slow page load time, and the cost associated with mobile data loading, is a driving force behind consumer dissatisfaction and the rise of ad blocking. […]

6 Ways Publishers Can Up Their Game in 2016

As 2015 nears its end, a year that has been tough on digital advertising closes. With what we’ve learned this year – especially centered around how advertising impacts readers, and how readers are now armed with ad blockers – here are six ways web publishers can have a great 2016. […]

Dear Publishers: Users Don’t Like Pagination. We Can Help

There are many good reasons to paginate your online stories. In some cases, it can make the experience more like a traditional newspaper or magazine. It can reduce page load times. It can ensure that the core content you’re presenting remains above the fold, or reasonably close. But in a […]


Monetizing Content? Learn From the Best – Search Engines

Publishers who want to monetize their traffic with advertising have plenty of role models – the New York Times, Huffington Post, TechCrunch and a variety of other media outlets have proven to be very savvy about integrating advertising and content in a way that earns money without turning away readers. […]

Search for Publishers? Or Search as Publishers?

Historically the line between the search portals and publishers has been clear.    Publishers create or aggregate content and search portals index and rank this content to help users discover it.   However, search portals have slowly been pulling publisher content into their search results pages, and like the frog in the […]