The Mobile Advertising Conundrum

The Wall Street Journal today ran a very interesting story on mobile advertising – pointing out, effectively, that while mobile readers are surging, mobile ad revenues are not. They pointed to statistics from the New York Times – where, according to the article, “more than half of visits… come from […]

Paid Mobile Traffic + Mobile Landing Page = Highly Converting Users

Yes, Virginia, there are highly-converting mobile customers, and if you’re having trouble with mobile traffic – maybe because you don’t have a mobile landing page, maybe because your mobile ads are generating false clicks, or maybe because you’re just not advertising to mobile users – you’re missing out on some […]

Fat Fingering and the Mobile Advertising Challenge

This past week Google made some fairly large updates to the way they handle mobile advertising, citing studies pointing out a 50% “accidental-click” rate on mobile as their reason. As of June 25th, Google’s mobile ads have a few new features designed to avoid users fat-fingering them: Blocking clicks near […]

Benefiting from the Shift to Mobile

Being a web publisher is full of challenges.   Falling CPM’s, audience retargeting and duplicative content are all continuing threats to profitability.  Now we can add to the list of challenges a rapid shift to content consumption on mobile devices.  As page views move from web to mobile, the user experience […]