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Conversational AI: Transforming Engagement in Pharma Marketing

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Swoop conversational AI addresses the need for real-time, personalized engagement between pharma brands and their audiences. Distinguished from chatbots and generative AI, conversational AI represents the ideal solution for life sciences companies looking to enhance their digital presence and customer interactions. Conversational AI bridges the communication gap, prioritizing MLR-compliance and providing an interactive journey for patients and providers on brand.com. 

About the Author

Matt Titus



Matt Titus oversees the conversational AI sales and customer success teams, helping exceed customer expectations with the pharmaceutical industry’s leading conversational AI solution. Prior to Swoop, Titus held the role of Chief Commercial Officer and Co-GM at epocrates, an athenahealth, Inc. company, leading the commercial, sales and marketing operations for the #1 medical resource app for HCPs. A frequent media contributor, Matt has written articles for MM&M, Pharma Executive, Pharma’s Almanac, and Authority Magazine. In addition to speaking at numerous conferences and webinars in the healthcare space, Matt was a featured speaker at the 2019 CES Digital Health Summit in Las Vegas, NV and the 2023 Reuters Pharma Customer Engagement Summit in Philadelphia, PA. 

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