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Optimizing Media Around a Custom Audience Results in 60-90% Script Lift

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By: John Seaner, CMO, Swoop/IPM.ai


Pharmaceutical companies activate cross-channel advertising campaigns to drive disease awareness, guide treatment options and establish their brand as the therapy of choice. However, certain patient populations can be challenging to uncover, and if a third-party data segment is used, it’s often excluded from strategy. The result is inconsistency across planning, activation and ultimately measurement in proving the success of the segment and campaign. Swoop is changing all of this.  

The Challenge 

A top 10 pharmaceutical company wanted to better understand their heart failure audience’s media consumption and behavior to drive efficiencies across channels. Though a relatively common condition, the company was unable to engage patients that fit their highly specific definition. 

The Solution 

Swoop built an ideal patient profile by leveraging our proprietary real world health data universe of over 300 million anonymized patients going back a decade. Using Ml/AI, we uncovered treatment-appropriate patients that were thus most likely to respond to a heart failure ad campaign. To maximize script lift, the same Swoop audience was used in the planning stage and then activated in the media mix. 

The Outcome 

Swoop created a custom audience segment that included over 2 million unique diagnosed patients. This segment was then onboarded into the agency’s media optimization tool for cross-channel planning, activated across media buys, and ultimately measured to determine the campaign’s success. Reach curves validated that the ideal patient population was being targeted – by working with Swoop beginning in the planning phase, the brand elevated filled prescriptions by 60-90%, depending on the month. Swoop’s segment also drove a 10x increase in the campaign target rate over the first quarter.

About the Author

John Seaner

Chief Marketing Officer


John leads a team charged with amplifying our brand, communicating the organization’s business value, and earning the loyalty of our clients. He has a 30 year track record of driving innovation, operational improvement, profitable revenue growth and sustainable competitive advantage for technology companies ranging from early-stage startups to global billion-dollar public organizations. John previously served as Chief Marketing Officer of 1010data, provider of analytical intelligence, consumer insights and data sharing solutions; Chief Marketing Officer of Signals Analytics, an early pioneer in the emerging Decision Science as a Service space; and Vice President of Global Growth Marketing at Medidata Solutions, the world’s leading clinical development lifecycle platform utilized by over 1,500 life sciences companies. Throughout his career his teams have earned notable awards and accolades, most recently for pioneering new approaches in account-based marketing, including the use of digital ethnography to uncover the customer decision journey, the utilization of data science to optimize demand activation and the application of signals intelligence to enhance customer empathy. 



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