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Driving a 24% Increase in Brand Conversion Using a Custom Patient Audience for an Addressable TV Campaign

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By: Kurt Robinson, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Swoop


Pharmaceutical companies activate addressable TV campaigns to drive disease awareness, guide treatment options and establish their brand as the therapy of choice. However, patient populations are rarely considered in targeted advertising, with demographics largely driving television planning. The result is wasted spend engaging the wrong viewers, a lack of conversion and failure to elevate script lift. Swoop is changing all of this.  

The Challenge 

A leading US-based pharmaceutical company partnered with a leading MVPD provider to prove that serving custom targeted ads using Swoop’s segments on addressable TV would result in higher quality audiences and improved campaign results. Swoop was compared and tested against other data providers to understand how performance would be impacted.

The Solution 

Swoop leveraged our proprietary health-centered real world data (RWD) that includes over 300 million de-identified patients, spans more than ten-years and is refreshed weekly. Using this RWD and machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI), we generated a targeted, privacy-safe segment comprised of currently diagnosed patients. This high quality audience segment was executed against the MVPD provider's universe running for six weeks at a twice-weekly frequency. 

The Outcome 

By partnering with Swoop to create a custom segment of targeted patients, the pharmaceutical company achieved impactful lift within three months following campaign launch. The results of the addressable campaign included increased audience quality (AQ) metrics, including 1.8x more patients, a 20% increase in HCP visits, a 34% increase in patient-driven diagnostic screening, and 24% lift in brand conversion. As Swoop’s segments are based on actual patient data, they can be utilized to reach patients nationwide, regardless of market or demographic. Data partners matter – by working with a company with better quality RWD to develop higher AQ segments, patients were motivated to convert, resulting in significant increased impact.


About the Author

Kurt Robinson


Senior Vice President of Business Development


With more than 15 years of experience in both media buying and media sales, Kurt brings a unique perspective to healthcare marketing. He is responsible for overseeing Swoop’s television partner relationships and enhancing client campaign strategies across activation channels, driving optimal brand outcomes. Kurt holds a degree in business and psychology from Ohio University.