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New NAI Health Audience Disclosure Requirements

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January guidance provided a way for advertisers to determine whether a health segment is non-sensitive or sensitive, and made it a requirement for NAI members using health segments, both non-sensitive and sensitive, to disclose the use of these segments to the public. The recent April update clarified what members need to disclose regarding health audience segments. NAI members are required to disclose the demographic makeup of the segments they are using, as well as the condition that this segment is intended for. This transparency is intended to reassure people that they are receiving ads because of demographic factors and not based on any inferred, or actual, knowledge of a health condition. The NAI believes that this knowledge will enable people to make a more informed choice about whether they wish to continue to receive these ads.

Swoop is proud to be the first, and still the only, consumer health data company to be a member of the NAI. This makes us the only consumer health data company to demonstrate the commitment to privacy demanded by the NAI. By undergoing a full NAI legal and compliance audit Swoop is the only consumer health data company with verified compliance for; NAI 2020 Code of Conduct, the expanded Health Audience Segments Guidance and the April 27th update.

In response to the transparency requirements outlined in the April NAI update, Swoop compiled and posted a representative list of our custom health segments here. All audience segments are modeled on demographic user characteristics including gender, age, income, education, marital status, presence of children, and geographic region. We continue to lead the conversation around the critical nature of patient privacy, while still using cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) to improve advertising effectiveness and accelerate and drive better patient outcomes.

For more information about the NAI, our NAI membership or our compliance with NAI privacy requirements, please email me at ron@swoop.com.