Senior Health Data Engineer

Location Flexible, Philly/NJ Preferred

The Position

  • Optimize code to run efficiently in a distributed data environment
  • Support creation of architecture and manipulation of health data assets into distributed data environment and develop utilities to support data extraction and analysis
  • Independently research and procure core knowledge of diagnoses and treatment in specific therapeutic areas to drive internal business decisions for design of user defined functions
  • Analyze secondary data and research to identify key findings and trends
  • Generate cohesive outputs in summary outputs (R, Scala, Python) tying project objectives and goals to data output
  • Asist in drafting quantitative or qualitative analysis to support client deliverables and issues
  • Asist in the management of projects and workstreams and help with shifting priorities
  • Asist in drafting and updating internal tools with supportive documentation for projects and process flows for evolving standard operations and procedures
  • Develop broad knowledge of healthcare market and monitor market changes and events within the industry

Skills & Experience

Candidate interested in joining Swoop should have

  • Knowledge and basic understanding of the fundamental processes of pharmaceutical and medical device industries
  • Avid interest in healthcare analytics, technology, and clinical data
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong capabilities in multi-tasking and flexibility for a dynamic working environment
  • Business acumen and a fundamental understanding of the sales process
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to think creatively
  • Prior working experience in any of the following forecasting, statistics, predictive modeling, primary/secondary market research, technology & applications, healthcare IT, managed markets, management consulting, sales force effectiveness, sales operations, business intelligence, epidemiology, HEOR, or data mining
  • Advanced experience coding SQL or Scala in a distributed database environment required

Compensation Package

  • Generous Salary & Performance-based commission commensurate with experience
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