CCPA Is Coming – Are You Ready, Biopharma Marketers?

The biopharma industry has a handful of challenges facing it as Americans become increasingly concerned about their privacy. One particularly pressing challenge is California’s Consumer Privacy Act – CCPA. Effectively, the CCPA requires that consumers be made aware of what data is being collected on them, if it’s being sold, for what purpose, and the right to have said data deleted.

In short, CCPA constitutes informed consent and universal opt-out for Californians and, because of California’s population and influence, in practice all Americans. The privacy effort is important, and CCPA packs a bite – every violation comes with a fine of $2,500 if the violation is “lacking intent,” and as much as $7,500 if the violation is found to be intentional.

Considering the scale and frequency of a proper outreach campaign, those violations can rack up quickly; a single day’s run of 50,000 California impressions could cost between $125 and $375 million in fines.

At Swoop, we’re proud to offer a fully CCPA-compliant solution for creating marketable targeting segments and executing on highly-converting high-ROI messaging campaigns. Our solution follows CCPA best practices, is HIPAA-compliant, and is even designed to operate within the NAI’s new, stricter industry guidelines.

Privacy is exceedingly important, and CCPA provides important, non-negotiable guidelines for protecting consumer privacy.

Don’t leave patient privacy to chance, and don’t open yourself up to the risk of debilitating financial penalties. Contact Swoop today to take advantage of digital messaging that achieves your business goals without sacrificing privacy.