IPM.ai Platform Data Policy

General Principles

IPM.ai (“we,” “us,” and “our”) incorporates privacy principles (including a privacy-by-design HIPAA-compliant methodology) into our proprietary and patent-pending modeling and analytics platform (“Platform”).

  • The Platform receives, processes, and creates data that is not Protected Health Information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII).
  • We do not distribute or sell PHI or PII.

The Platform receives and analyzes data that is neither PHI nor PII to gain insights into aggregated and pseudonymous populations, and we share those insights with our affiliates and customers to improve marketing and analytics effectiveness.

What Data Do We Receive and Create?

The Platform processes health data that does not include PHI or PII.  Additionally, with respect to the processing of health data, the reputable third parties with whom we work represent that the data the Platform receives does not contain PHI, including by providing independent attestations. In addition to health-related data, our Platform may utilize other data, including demographic and psychographic data. Data is processed using our Platform’s proprietary privacy-engineered artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Our proprietary technology, systems and processes have been verified by an independent third party to assure HIPAA compliance and to validate that the data inputs and resulting derivatives do not include or consist of PHI.

How Do We Obtain Data?

We strive to work with vendors and partners who share our values. In particular, IPM.ai seeks data providers that are reputable in the industry, demonstrate compliance with privacy-friendly principles and applicable privacy law, including HIPAA, and honor consumer choices regarding marketing and advertising preferences. The Platform does not collect health information directly from patients.

How Do We Use and Disclose Data?

Our proprietary and patent-pending Platform uses privacy-engineered artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to analyze data sets to derive insights about populations of aggregated, pseudonymous individuals.  We may also use such data to improve the Platform and our products and services. We share the insights with our affiliates and customers in accordance with contractual and legal requirements so that they may inform marketing and analytics effectiveness.  We may be required by applicable law to provide the data the Platform processes to legal authorities.

Contact Us

For any questions or comments about IPM.ai or our data practices, please email IPM.ai at [email protected] or contact us at the mailing address below.

125 Cambridgepark Drive
Cambridge, MA 02140

Effective Date: August 31, 2018