IPM.ai Identifies Rare Disease Patients And Associated HCPs Where No Diagnosis Codes Exist

Client Challenge:  

  • Pre-launch biotech company offering the first treatment option in an unestablished rare disease market
  • Disease manifestations send patients to multiple physician specialties creating a massive provider target universe
  • Disease has no ICD10 diagnosis code and there are no existing treatments or competitive therapies

IPM.ai Approach:

  • Cross-walked 1st party de-identified patient level lab data and matched to our data universe to build claims profile of “Ideal Patient”
  • Used AI/ML tools to distinguish Ideal Patients from negative controls based on the patients’ healthcare claims “footprint“
  • Generated focused list of target providers based on highly likely undiagnosed patients and established communication channels to these providers for proactive engagement

Measurable Results:

  • Client identified ~67 patients from ~212 rep calls to physicians
  • Client received confirmation of multiple patients identified at a non-existing site
  • Identified a key specialty-type during the analysis, which was not previously considered
  • Client continues to improve outreach to physicians based on delivery of refreshed lists of likely undiagnosed patients

Sample Outputs/Results: