Client Challenge:  

  • Top 5 biopharma client looking to better understand the size of the relapsing and refractory opportunity within one key hematologic indication
  • R/R treatment is well defined, but data to clearly identify patients is muddled due to common use of chemo, generics and biologics across lines of therapy – thus leading to difficulty in accurately sizing the R/R patient pool
  • Client was also looking to understand key treaters/prescribers that treat these patients with various approaches for sales force prioritization Approach:

  • leveraged its deep oncology/hematology expertise to carefully craft business rules to cleanly identify the R/R patient pool
  • Further, developed clear logic to archetype R/R treaters based on their observable treatment approaches
  • Generated a prioritized target list based on HCP patient volumes and archetypes

Measurable Results:

  • Client institutionalized’s market size for this future R/R analyses and leveraged size assumptions for internal planning and forecasting exercises
  • Prioritized HCP list with corresponding patient load information and HCP archetypes was used to inform call planning across a large, shared sales force

Sample Outputs:

Market sizing based on identified R/R patients

HCP specialty list

HCP prioritization / patient concentration

HCP patient loads over time