IPM.ai Maps Referral Networks in a Rare Neurodegenerative Disease and Highlights Hotspots of Activity Across US

Client Challenge:  

  • Pre-commercial biotech looking to validate existing understanding of KOLs and identify potential new site investigators
  • Company is pursuing a rare neurodegenerative disease, with complex symptomatology. Patients are commonly misdiagnosed, which adversely affects trial recruitment
  • Client was also interested in understanding referral networks and the flow of patients to KOLs, high volume treaters and to its current trial investigators

IPM.ai Approach:

  • Thoughtfully devised rules to identify the target patients in claims data
  • Constructed a prioritized list of all diagnosing physicians, and mapped upstream referring HCPs through both explicit and implicit referral connections
  • Provided mapped visualizations to depict geographic areas with high patient volume and HCP activity (along with corresponding data files)

 Measurable Results:

  • Delivered an immediately actionable list of referring providers, with statistics on patient flow to target providers for MSL outreach
  • Successfully affiliated 84% of referring physicians to institutions, including specialty clinics and HCOs/IDNs
  • Uncovered insights on upstream HCP specialties that played a critical role in both diagnosing and referring patients
  • Mapped hotspots of patient concentration and discovered rural areas with significant patient population (due to genetic nature of the disease)

Sample Outputs:

Strength of Referral Network

Map of top HCPs (at ZIP level)

Target List and Referral Patterns