Providing messaging to your Ideal Patient Population and their associated HCPs once you have identified them is an important execution tactic. Swoop can create multiple custom targeting segments of lookalike patients, each with their own messaging tactics, and deliver your advertising in a finely-targeted, cost-effective manner that optimizes towards your brand’s business goals.

At the same time, Swoop can provide complementary messaging to your Ideal Patient Population’s associated healthcare providers, giving your HCP, DTC and Personal Promotions teams a coordinated, synergistic approach to digital messaging.

Swoop Finds, Educates Patients and HCPs In Large, Underdiagnosed Disease State

When an established mid-sized company was planning to launch a product to a vastly underdiagnosed market served by a single, unsuccessful product, they turned to Swoop to find and educate both patients and HCPs as well as identify the top HCPs to turn over to their personal promotions team. The challenge, in addition to the prior unsuccessful launch, revolved primarily around the condition carrying a stigma, making potential patients embarrassed to discuss it and HCPs unlikely to diagnose for the specific ICD10 code associated.

In order to serve our client, Swoop:

  • Leveraged existing market research to build an Ideal Patient Profile using claims data
  • Used AI/ML tools to distinguish Ideal Patients from negative controls based on the patients’ healthcare claims footprint and psychographic/demographic data
  • Generated a focused list of target providers based on highly likely undiagnosed patients and established communication channels to these providers for proactive unbranded advertising prior to product launch

The results were quite effective – Swoop was able to identify over a million potential patients with profiles similar to the Ideal Patient Profile. The client received a HCP list it is currently leveraging to inform sizing, structure and targeting for reps, and thanks to Swoop’s closed-loop digital activation engine both DTC and HCP media campaigns are running, targeting an online segment built around the Ideal Patient Population.

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