SOAR Influencer Identifies HCPs with the Highest Propensity to be Brand Ambassadors

Traditional NPI targeting has its shortcomings. Conventional HCP target lists are built from prescribing or self-reported specialty data. But this method ignores the influence and effect HCPs have on the behavior of other HCPs. SOAR uses the power of ML and AI in conjunction with our proprietary data pool to change all of this.

ML and AI-Based SOAR Influencer Amplifies Your Most Important Voices

Swoop’s ML and AI-based system creates a proprietary mosaic score based on:


Social Influencers
Online Publication Influencers
Activity Influencers
Referral Influencers

Then identifies the HCPs who have the highest propensity to amplify your brand’s voice.


Social Influencers

Our system considers LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram handles along with their accompanying social footprint, digital body language and performance metrics tied to NPIs.

Publication Influencers
Our system considers relevant journal articles, industry publications and media coverage tied to NPIs.
Practice Influencers

Our system considers primary care and specialty care category activities tied to NPIs.

Web Influencers
Our system considers blog posts, forum discussions, comments and review responses tied to NPIs.
Speaker Influencers

Our system considers relevant industry keynotes, conference speaking opportunities, webcasts and podcasts tied to NPIs.

Referral Influencers
Our system considers HCP influence upstream from the prescribing NPI.

SOAR Expansion Extends Your Reach Outside of the Typical Prescriber-Based Specialty List

Identify Missing High-Value Potential Brand Activators

VeraSpec Modeling

There are thousands of primary care physicians who appear to act like a high-value specialist. Swoop’s exclusive VeraSpec Modeling defines HCPs by what they actually do rather than what they declare.

uReferral Graph

The most influential HCPs may be 3 or 4 steps removed from the prescribing HCP. Our Universal Referral Graph uses AI to complete the missing pieces and tracks a patient to the HCP that initiated their treatment journey.


Influential HCPs often have greatly reduced patient interaction, resulting in important targets going undetected. Our SigDetect process assures your highest value HCPs are always identified.

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