The Big Data Solution to Pharmaceutical and Biotech Patient Finding Challenges’s unparalleled ability to identify the Ideal Patient Population most suited to your patient finding challenge is rooted in our unique combination of data assets, in-house business and technology experts and patented HIPAA-certified machine learning infrastructure.

Get the most power out of patient data with

AI, Privacy, and Expertise

Artificial Intelligence utilizes state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning techniques to find patients in high-noise environments. We overcome the challenges of dirty data, complex interactions, identifying contributing factors and integrating data sources in a HIPAA-compliant manner to turn patient data into real-world business solutions.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our subject matter experts come from strong backgrounds in patient finding, health data, machine learning and pharmaceutical marketing. Because data without comprehension is hard to use, you can count on us to help you not only find your Ideal Patient Population but to glean real, actionable insights.

Cutting-Edge Privacy Safety

Your patients’ privacy is of paramount importance, and is well ahead of the curve. Our cutting-edge, industry-first HIPAA certified PrAIvacy infrastructure ensures that no matter what, your marketing and patient-finding endeavors are completely privacy-safe. Our infrastructure can combine data sets in such a way to remain HIPAA privacy safe without sacrificing patient-finding ability.

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