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We Optimize

Patient Outcomes

By accelerating the commercialization of precision medicine through artificial intelligence

We Transform Real World Data to Uncover the Ideal Patient and Their Treatment Journey

Revolutionizing patient discovery, healthcare provider intelligence, key opinion leader identification, treatment journey mapping, study recruitment, adherence monitoring and audience engagement.


Who are my target patients, what is their diagnostic journey, and how large is the market for my therapeutic candidate?


How can I find and recruit patients for clinical study, where do population clusters exist, and which HCPs are most engaged?


How do I accelerate peak revenue, maximize field-based personal promotion efforts, and focus on the highest value targets?

Our System of Insight

Powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence and evolutionary computation in conjunction with a granular longitudinal data pool that consists of 300 million unique de-identified patients with a 10 year look-back and refreshed weekly.

Of all Healthcare Providers
Of All Healthcare Systems
Of All Outpatient Facilities
Of All Hospitals

Just a Few of Our Clients

Customers that have partnered with us to educate the life sciences industry about how our system of insight can accelerate the successful research, development and commercialization of life-savings therapies quicker and with less risk.

The IPM.ai Solution...Simplified

Our unparalleled ability to demonstrate empirical results is rooted in our unique combination of a granular RWD universe, decades of in-house consulting, technology and domain expertise, as well as a modern machine learning and artificial intelligence infrastructure.

Find and Profile Ideal Patient Populations

Whether seeking patients yet to be diagnosed with a rare or specialty disease, ready to progress to your 2nd or 3rd line therapy or at risk of non-adherence, our solutions focus on developing the business rules to isolate the ideal patient population, leveraging ML/AI to predict the lookalike audience at scale and associate physicians via several different attribution techniques.

Map Their Diagnostic and Treatment Journey

We examine the pathways and critical moments across the continuum of care to address various questions related to both the patient experience (e.g., demographics, co-morbidities, prior treatment, diagnostic testing, signs and symptoms) and the provider dynamics (e.g., place of service, specialty and payer makeup) to provide a high-definition view of leverage points.

Uncover Their Healthcare Ecosystem

While the industry has historically used field intelligence, primary research and secondary data to understand healthcare providers, we place the patient at the center of all analysis and draw on years of granular-level patient-provider interaction data to effectively map treating physicians, referral patterns and key opinion leaders for disease states.

What Clients are Saying

The quality that has made the IPM.ai team so unique is that they are just as curious as we are about the data and the questions we can ask of it to learn more. They are outstanding partners.
Jen Beachell
Vice President Commercial
The IPM.ai system is particularly necessary for the dynamics of our disease state given the multiplicity of HCP specialties that are involved in its diagnosis and the treatment of patients.
Aaron Beitner
Associate Director Global Marketing

Simply put, we really value our partnership with IPM.ai

Drayton Wise
SVP, Head of US & General Manager

Want to Learn More?

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