Full Stack Ruby/Rails Engineer

Open Position – Full Stack Ruby/Rails Engineer

At Swoop we solve hard problems at big scale using cutting edge technologies and a light continuous deployment process. Our stack includes JavaScript (RequireJS, AngularJS, Node.js), RoR (Ruby 2.0, Rails 4, Resque), Java (Netty) and Python (nltk). We are big users of MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, Hive and RabbitMQ. Swoop is well funded and growing fast, on track to touch 100M users every week.

Display advertising makes the Web suck yet the only way many of the cool sites we enjoy make money is through ads. What to do? How about create an end-to-end system that delivers sponsored content users actually enjoy interacting with? That’s what Swoop does and the tens of millions of users we touch every week love the content we give them.

We're looking for a Full Stack Ruby/Rails Engineer to be a core contributor to mission-critical systems. We have three Rails applications, two of which are externally facing. We also use Ruby for background processes that manage key parts of our business. You will design & develop significant new functionality using Ruby 2.0, Rails 4, AngularJS, MongoDB and Redis.

About You

  • You are passionate about making users happy.
  • You like to take ownership and understand the impact of your work.
  • You have experience building complex Web applications using modern frameworks.
  • You either know Ruby/Rails or you are excited to learn them and have demonstrated doing great work in multiple programming languages.
  • You are comfortable writing backend code and speaking JSON.
  • You understand the basics of scalable cloud systems: Linux, security, Amazon EC2, HTTP and RESTful Web services.
  • You are not afraid of continuous deployment.
  • You're familiar with message queues, RDBMSs, NoSql and key-value stores. You understand the key trade-offs involved in using them.
  • You understand the principles of software craftsmanship. You write clean code, even when working on extremely hard problems. You unit test everything.

What You’ll Do

  • Make our users, customers and partners happy by writing great code.
  • Design & develop key features in our flagship Rails applications.
  • Use Ruby to manipulate large amounts of data.
  • We scaled by 20+x in the last year. Help us get to the next 10x-100x of scale.


  • The opportunity to stretch and be awesome.
  • A top-notch product organization with great people you can learn from.
  • Cheap stock options in a growing startup with a very experienced team. We have a dozen startups under our belts with many big exits.
  • Competitive salary and full benefits.
  • The best workstation setup you’ve seen: top-of-the-line Mac, triple monitors, height-adjustable desk, Embody chair.
  • The chance to relax and play at work. Our office has Mad Men couches, a media player, frequently delivered lunches, etc. When you are not writing Ruby you can hack our 3D printer.
  • Help relocating to the Boston area.

What we look for in everyone

  • Ambition to make things awesome, not just good enough.
  • Positive attitude and desire to work with great people.
  • A hunger to learn and grow.

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