Who is more important to your brand strategy than the Key Opinion Leaders? Determining the HCPs who are liable to recognize and diagnose your disease state, and more specifically the ones who have the largest sphere of impact and influence, is of paramount importance. For example, while focusing on specialists who treat a condition it is a good starting point, often the KOLs who influence final diagnoses are general practitioners whose impact comes before the specialist.

Swoop uses AI and ML to take the guesswork out of identifying KOLs for your particular disease state. Our advanced data science takes the healthcare data of your Ideal Patient Population and outputs the HCPs most likely to be your specific KOLs.

Swoop Finds Patients With Specific Genetic Subtype

A mid-sized biotech company has developed a first-in-class biologic therapy to treat a child-onset genetic condition that is very difficult to identify. In addition to having no ICD code, the condition is masked within a very common condition and diagnosed prevalence is too low to directly data-match existing patients.

In order to help identify patients, Swoop:

  • Workshopped with the client medical and marketing stakeholders to arrive at a solid claims-based description of the Ideal Patient
  • Used AI/ML tools to distinguish Ideal Patients from negative controls based on the patients’ healthcare claims footprint
  • Generated a focused list of target providers based on a total patient volume that was consistent with epidemiology estimates of the rare condition

Importantly, Swoop was able to demonstrate that a key specialty of interest to the client was poorly associated with target patients – despite the specific HCP specialty logically being the group to treat patients, they were shown not to be the KOLs. Rather, Swoop was able to demonstrate that the KOL was likely to be a different, significantly more numerous type of HCP. In the end, Swoop enabled the client to identify the top HCP deciles and find a much better-identified group of Key Opinion Leaders.

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