Are You Ready For 2020? Preparing Health Advertising for Life Under The 2020 NAI Code of Conduct

Biopharma brands and agencies, are you ready for NAI 2020? The 2020 NAI Code of Conduct has new rules regulating health advertising and the use of health data, with extra focus on what the Initiative considers “Sensitive Conditions.”

Specifically, the Code of Conduct presents significant changes to how Sensitive Conditions can be targeted. For the purposes of the NAI’s regulations, “Sensitive Conditions” includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cancer
  • Drug addiction
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Mental health conditions
  • Pregnancy termination
  • Conditions predominantly affecting or associated with children (other than conditions that would be treated with over-the-counter medications)

Beyond those, NAI members are open to interpret the idea of Sensitive Conditions as liberally or as conservatively as they wish.

Under the 2020 NAI Code of Conduct, segments targeting any condition that is considered sensitive based on even anonymized knowledge of patient data, or any data collected on a user that could be used to infer a health condition, requires opt-in permission from each individual within the segment.

As such, this leaves any biopharma brand wanting to run digital advertising campaigns aimed at raising awareness of their treatment for a Sensitive Condition with two basic options:

1: Contextual advertising – target on-page content; the downside of contextual is its limited scalability

2: Demographic segmentation

A third option that has up until now been popular – retargeting – is now off-limits for Sensitive Conditions.

This presents new and significant challenges for biopharma brands looking to effectively reach their target audience at scale and with measurable ROI. Swoop is proud to offer the first solution that is both fully-compliant with the NAI 2020 Code of Conduct and capable of driving scale and ROI on par with segments derived from health data. Contact us today to learn more about how Swoop and’s cutting-edge AI is transforming the way biopharma companies market their sensitive condition therapies.