How are Americans feeling as Q1 2017 rolls onwards? One interesting quirk we found while researching for our Digital Health Visibility Index is a decline and then spike in people reading about anxiety and anxiety-related topics. It also seems to correlate with certain political milestones over the past few months (please note that data is weekly):

Anxiety graph among Americans - early 2017

The current state of Americans’ interest in anxiety is 28 percent higher than the baseline from October, and has risen steadily over the course of January and February. By comparison, interest in “stress” and “depression” has remained at the baseline or even declined.

It’s a single data point, but charted since November, interest in anxiety-related topics follows a fairly striking path. The new year has brought new anxiety which seems to correlate with certain well-publicized national political events.

It should also be noted that the decline in anxiety interest during December also correlates with the week of Christmas, although the post-Christmas rise goes well past the established baseline into the spikes we’ve since seen.

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