Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way the world works, one facet at a time, and according to a CNBC report, the FDA is making moves to encourage its use in medicine and drug development. At, we strongly support the use of AI for improved health outcomes – our entire business model is built around the leveraging AI and Machine Learning for patient discovery.

The value of AI, among other things, is that it can take in a vast amount of seemingly random and anonymized data and crunch it into usable, predictive insights. This is also evident in the FDA’s new AI-driven incubator program, the Information Exchange and Data Transformation (INFORMED). It’s also seen in’s infrastructure which can help biotech and pharmaceutical clients identify pre-diagnosed patients, identify rare disease patients, model line progression in oncology patients and identify non-adherent patients. takes the value of health care AI and presents it in a unique way – with a focus on business goals and a new definition of what the ideal outcome of optimization should be, we ensure that AI is working for improvement in pharmaceutical and biotech marketing bottom lines rather than focusing on outcomes that ignore or even undermine organizations’ low-funnel KPIs.

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