As you may know, Swoop specializes in car and pharma advertising. One thing Swoop does that is different is optimize towards real-world actions – in the case of pharma, Swoop will optimize for diagnosed patients. In the case of auto – well, that’s new, and exciting. Now, Swoop can optimize automotive campaigns for something that BOTs cannot do – visiting car dealerships.

By rolling location-aware services in with their digital advertising, Swoop can now recognize when someone sees an ad and goes to the advertiser’s local dealership. More, Swoop can optimize for that, driving the lowest possible Cost per Unique Dealer Visit (CPUDV). Learn more at

In more BOT-related news, the Wall Street Journal wrote a story last week on how fraudulent web traffic continues to plague advertisers, other businesses. It just keeps going, which is why we continue to optimize for things that BOTs cannot do – like visiting dealerships, or like getting a diagnosis from their doctor.

Fraudulent traffic and BOTs aren’t going away. Marketers need to find a way to undercut their ability to damage campaigns. A way like Swoop.