…I expect them to deliver. In the spirit of Cinco De Mayo, I channeled my inner Most Interesting Man in the World for this blog post. One of my most frustrating experiences with an online ad was a time when I clicked on an ad with very specific copy with the intention of taking an action… and was driven to the home page. I can only assume that the advertiser expected me to navigate the site and take the action anyway. No matter your expertise, vertical, or KPI, your campaigns share the fundamental mission of fostering a relationship between the brand and the customer. These relationships are not unlike the personal ones we nurture and work at in our own lives. If you have someone’s trust, deliver on your promise.

You determine that an action on the brand site is important because it either is a conversion or it indicates that the user is a qualified lead. Be assertive: invite the user to take this action with a specific call-to-action and let them make the choice.  Everyday, we are all exposed to a virtually limitless amount of information, most of which is white noise. If an individual is actively searching for your brand or product, respect his or her time and capitalize on the opportunity efficiently. If you ask a customer to do something, drive him or her to a landing page that facilitates the desired action. Remember that Search is more than algorithms, CTRs, and CPCs. We are all searching for things to fulfill our wants and needs. The foundation of any relationship is openness and trust. Uphold these pillars in all of your marketing activities to foster customer-brand relationships.

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