One potentially valuable automotive marketing material is the flagship vehicle – that single car, truck or van that may not sell the most, but which captures the imagination, pulls eyeballs and helps define a brand’s identity. Chevrolet’s Corvette is a great example, as the venerable testament to American automotive power and speed is generally at or near the top of our quarterly list of the most read-about vehicles.

But what flagship vehicle is most important to its brand?

To try and answer this question, we broke down the most-read-about vehicle for the major automakers selling in North America, figured out what percentage of the brand’s total pageviews, and ranked them.

The Flagships of Flagships

The top 5 vehicles that make up the biggest chunk of their brand’s total pageviews are:

The most impactful auto flagship models by visibility

Acura MDX 60%
Infiniti Q50 59%
Buick Enclave 58%
Jeep Wrangler 57%
Chrysler Pacifica 54%


The Flagships of Diversification

But what about the other side of the coin? Vehicles that are the most-read-about within their brand, but make up comparatively low percentages of their brand’s total?

The 5 ‘flagship’ vehicles that make up the lowest chunk of their brand’s total pageviews are:

Audi A4 18%
Lexus IS 23%
Hyundai Elantra 25%
Nissan Altima 26%
Kia Optima 27%

Now, this data doesn’t say anything about sales figures – it’s purely the most-read-about vehicle by brand as a percentage of total brand-related pageviews.
We’ll put it to you – do you feel a flagship driving a significant percentage of views for its brand is a useful marketing tool, or do you feel greater model viewability diversity is more valuable?