IPM.ai, an emerging leader in healthcare marketing, announced today the launch of their signature product: an all-inclusive marketing platform that combines the real-world health data of over 280 million patients with a broad view of digital health content. This HIPAA-certified process allows IPM.ai to employ its cutting-edge machine learning/AI to create the industry’s first patient finding engine that empowers pharmaceutical marketers with omni-channel activation of both patients and healthcare providers.

“We’re extremely excited to bring unique and innovative, and actionable capabilities to the world of healthcare data and pharmaceutical marketing,” says Jonathan Woodring, SVP & GM of IPM.ai. “For the first time the rich healthcare claims data that represents the diagnostic journey has been integrated with the fast, agile and cost-effective execution of digital advertising in a real-time end-to-end fashion. Combined with advanced ML and AI techniques, IPM.ai has built a truly unique and disruptive capability for not only identifying ideal patient populations and their associated HCPs, but the ability to activate these populations in a coordinated fashion across both media and personal promotional channels.”

In addition, IPM.ai can leverage pharmaceutical companies’ investment into lab and EMR data by integrating it into its patient-finding and omni-channel marketing platform. This functionality is due to a partnership with Universal Patient Key (UPK), a cutting-edge, portable and HIPAA-compliant token vendor.

“We are excited to be partnering with IPM.ai to bring a portable, scalable, and differentiated offering to the market,” said Shahir Kassam-Adams, CEO of UPK. “Their core use cases – rare disease patient finding, predicting patient journey progression across retail and specialty markets, clinical trial recruiting, enabling precision medicine in oncology, adherence issues – are all incredibly valuable offerings for our customers. The industry has really never seen this combination of capabilities before, and we’re proud to be powering IPM.ai in their groundbreaking endeavor.”

IPM.ai’s’ HIPAA-certified and patent-pending PrAIvacy™ architecture integrates and models sensitive health data in a way never before seen. This architecture places IPM.ai at “the forefront of protecting patient privacy by addressing this issue of re-identifiability and HIPAA violations,” per Jamie Blackport, CEO of Mirador Analytics. “This enables IPM.ai to generate an infinite amount of model outputs without having to be concerned that these outputs do not comply to HIPAA and without the need to have the output data re-analyzed upon any changes to the input dataset.”

IPM.ai has pioneered a unique, capability that allows pharmaceutical marketers for the first time to create an actionable ideal patient population and associated HCPs. With IPM.ai’s’ integrated communication platform, marketers now have a true omni-channel platform to coordinate communication not only across patient and HCP populations, but also across online and personal promotional channels.