CBI’s Trade and Channel Strategies tradeshow, the “go-to event for trade, channel, market access, account strategy and brand professionals,” kicks off on December 3rd, and we’re proud to announce that IPM.ai’s VP Nitin Choudhary will be presenting “Getting Launch-Ready in Rare Disease: Leveraging Machine Learning on Integrated Cross-Channel Claims Data.” Nitin will be speaking on Thursday, December 5th. At the presentation, Nitin will detail how to leverage modern AI and machine learning technology to drive patient-finding strategies for brands focused on the rare disease space. He will go through how IPM.ai has leveraged our unique ML/AI solution fueled by longitudinal cross-channel integrated data to find undiagnosed or misdiagnosed patients, attributing the right physicians and payers who are caring for them. A rare disease is a condition that affects than fewer than 200,000 Americans, per the National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD). With more than 7,000 currently known rare diseases affecting more than 30 million Americans, it can be excruciatingly difficult and take years of suffering and misdiagnoses for patients to receive the correct diagnosis. This is why it is so important that modern technology be leveraged to accelerate diagnosis and connect physicians with likely undiagnosed patients to appropriate tests and treatments. For a biotech or pharmaceutical brand, the lack of an existing identified patient base can make it just as difficult to connect their new rare disease treatment to the patients who need it. Over the course of this presentation, Nitin will demonstrate how IPM.ai’s bottoms-up approach can help brands inform market size, patient segmentation and payer/targeting prioritization. If you are interested but not yet registered, register today for CBI’s Trade and Channel Strategies 2019. We’ll see you there.