Improved patient care, better patient outcomes, lower healthcare costs, a greater understanding of the patients and their journey – artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare can be keys to unlock all of these, if utilized correctly. The benefits of technological innovation in this industry offer not only business outcomes, but potentially significant improvements in quality of life.

By integrating longitudinal patient data with thousands of demographic, physiographic and economic segments, biopharma brands working with Swoop and can take the next step in identifying not only their patient population, but the traits that make up and define various subsegments. With this level of insight, brands can inform product development, marketing and patient support activities.

Swoop has been asked by clients to answer a variety of questions that require this advanced ability, including:

  • After launching the first oral therapy into a category, why is the acquisition of patients on injectable so slow? What leads some patients to see the benefit of switching to an oral therapy while others prefer to remain on injectables?
  • Why do some patients remain compliant on their critical heart medication while others lapse? Can at-risk patients be identified early to direct expensive call center and nurse intervention in the most appropriate way?
  • While seeking to enter a category where the only competitive therapy had a failed market entry, how can we avoid their mistakes? Who are potential patients, how do they spend their spare time, where do they congregate, and who influences them?

Identifying and messaging your Ideal Patient Population is an increasingly high-level goal as deeper, more telling and more granular insights into patient behavior and demographics becomes more and more available. With Swoop and able to provide HIPAA-compliant, anonymized, aggregate data on your most specific patient use cases, AI can truly unlock biopharma brand doors that appeared unopenable.

Contact us today to see how Swoop and’s advanced healthcare solutions can help your brand improve patient care, outcomes, and lower healthcare costs by finding, engaging and converting your Ideal Patient Population.