During the Super Bowl, one of the more memorable commercials featured Hollywood superstar Melissa McCarthy driving a Kia from one save-the-planet pratfall to another.

The commercial was memorable, but the important question, from an automotive advertising perspective, is whether or not Kia got the brand value out of McCarthy’s antics, or if people simply remembered McCarthy being funny.

We ran a survey a few weeks after the Super Bowl had ended, asking people if they knew which car company Melissa McCarthy had done a commercial for. The results should make Kia fairly happy:

Melissa McCarthy's commercial a win for Kia

While it wasn’t a perfect sweep, the overwhelming majority of people chose Kia, the correct answer. Ford and Toyota were the biggest wrong answers, and Honda, BMW and Alfa Romeo (who had success of their own at the Super Bowl) caught a tiny bit of the outliers.

Here’s the commercial itself. Enjoy.