The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) today published their new guidance on health-related ad targeting, as announced on their blog. Major topics for their guidance revolve around opt-in requirements for the use of medical or pharmaceutical records, the use of user browsing history to infer interest in a sensitive health or medical condition, and what data can and cannot be utilized to build advertising segments for the healthcare industry.

As the first and still only consumer health data focused company to join the NAI, Swoop is uniquely positioned to guarantee to our clients that our targeting segments are completely compliant with the NAI’s health-related ad targeting guidance. While non-members are perfectly within their rights to claim compliance, only Swoop has taken the steps to go through the rigorous vetting process required to join the Initiative, and only Swoop is confident enough in our dedication to building privacy-safe consumer-health-related targeting segments to join, as non-members are not subject to any meaningful consequences if they are found to be non-compliant.

We fully support the NAI’s mission to enhance consumer trust and privacy with regard to healthcare and sensitive data. Anyone in the biotech, pharmaceutical or general healthcare space who wishes to get their messaging out to people who may need it in a privacy-safe, NAI-compliant manner should contact Swoop today.