Digital ad provider Swoop, in an effort to further cement their position as leaders in the automotive advertising space, today announced that their ads will now optimize in real time for visits to auto dealers. This means that automakers can ensure that their digital ad spend provides auto buyers at the lowest point of the sales funnel for the most competitive price.

For years, Swoop has provided auto OEMs with a cost-effective way of driving high-value actions to their sites. The company boasts an exclusive network of endemic auto websites and an integration that promises 100% ad viewability. Now, by integrating third-party location data, the same back-end AI that has been so successful optimizing for low cost-per-action results can optimize for physical visits to a client’s associated dealerships, driving towards the lowest possible Cost per Unique Dealer Visit (CPUDV).

CPUDV as a metric is not a new one in the auto industry – it has long been an important, powerful down-funnel metric for in-market, tier 2 and sales events. But as a metric, it has always been a passive, after-the-fact one – reportable, informative, but not optimizable and not proactive. Swoop changes all of that by taking a traditional store visit campaign and adding a real-time feedback loop that optimizes for CPUDV, much like a traditional CPA campaign would tune itself over time.

“At Swoop, we have always prided ourselves on taking the greatest advantage of the unique capabilities of digital advertising,” says Swoop CEO and co-founder Ron Elwell. “Digital advertising’s biggest advantage is that it can optimize itself in real-time for whatever your goal is, and if your goal is to drive real-world actions, shouldn’t you expect your advertising partner to use that power of instant measurable results to tune your campaigns rather than just telling you after the fact what the numbers were?”

This focus on Cost per Unique Dealer Visit comes on the heels of Swoop’s very successful rollout of a partnership with health data provider on digital ad campaigns that optimize for diagnosed visitors. In addition to empowering both automakers and pharmaceutical companies to run ads that provide real-world tangible results, optimizing towards things that BOTs cannot do puts Swoop squarely at the forefront of responsible, repeatable, real-traffic ads.

Because BOTs cannot visit dealers or receive health diagnoses, Swoop’s optimization algorithm provides natural fraud protection. The company has started as a way to underscore this brand safety measure – BOTs don’t visit car dealers, but they do fear Swoop.

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