This major pharmaceutical brand runs an informational website on COPD, a respiratory disease often confused with asthma. They tasked their search agency, with driving users to register on the website.

The challenge, as expressed by the brand’s search agency, was how to expand the number of COPD-related keywords. At a certain point, there’s not much left to bid on if you only run search ads on Google and Bing, per agency sources. Swoop makes it very easy to take approved ad copy and keywords and extend a brand’s reach outside the Major Search Engines.  

By leveraging Swoop’s publisher network, which includes sites like, and, the search team was able to find high converting traffic at a much more efficient price point than the major search engines.  

The result: Cost Effective KW’s, highly targeted paid search traffic, increased registrations to the website, conversions rates on par with Google.

Goal: Registrations on their informational website.

Metric: Cost-Per-Action

Result: Swoop delivered a CPA that was 24% lower than the goal.