The combination of more readily available health data of all kinds combined with the rapid proliferation of machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI) techniques has created an ecosystem with immense opportunities to shape patient outcomes. As such, the dual pillars of protecting consumer privacy and utilizing technology to drive better standards of care can and should exist in parallel. Swoop and have been pioneers at driving these goals since day one. Today, we continue that tradition with the formation of a Patient Advocacy and Privacy Advisory Board, which will allow Swoop and to proactively help shape the industry’s ability to improve patient outcomes, while simultaneously upholding and protecting patient privacy.

The ability of data-driven technology companies to predict and shape patient outcomes creates both an opportunity and a responsibility: the responsibility to uphold and protect patient and consumer privacy. The lack of regulatory and guidelines in this emerging area complicates matters, as questions such as “What is a positive patient outcome, and who sets the standard?”, “What data is acceptable to use in order to make predictions, and who decides?” exist in a grey area with no clearly defined answers.

In recognition of this ambiguity, we applaud the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) 2020 Code of Conduct, as it establishes clear best practices for the programmatic advertising industry. Developing criteria for determining sensitive health conditions where advertising requires consumer opt-in consent will allow the self-regulatory industry group to help shape an environment where consumers are provided with clear notice and choice. We believe that this is the best way to integrate strong privacy protections with ethical and effective use of machine learning and artificial intelligence for the benefit of consumers, the biopharma industry and society as a whole.

Swoop and have invested significant resources and effort to improve patient outcomes without sacrificing patient privacy building on our founders’ work on Evidon/Ghostery, the first system designed to give consumers control over their online data and choices; our participation as founding members of TAG, the Trustworthiness Accountability Group; our involvement with IAB’s Data Transparency Standards Working Group; our participation in the Health Working Group at the Future of Privacy Forum; and the development of our best-in-class HIPAA-certified privacy platform.

Today, we add to this history of dedication to privacy and patient outcomes our newly-formed Patient Advocacy and Privacy Advisory Board. The Board will allow Swoop and to continue to be at the forefront of using the constantly-improving power of AI and digital messaging for direct patient benefits while protecting consumer rights and lowering healthcare costs.

Swoop/’s Patient Advocacy and Privacy Board Members:

Patricia Bailin – Head of Privacy and Data Ethics, Datavant

Based in the Bay Area, Patricia is a leading expert in the ever-more-important realm of data privacy. Before joining Datavant, she was the Privacy Officer for LiveRamp and the Director of Privacy for Product and Engineering at Acxiom. Additionally, she served as a Westin Fellow at the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Westin Research Center.

Jennifer Beachell – Biopharma Industry Commercial Strategist

Jennifer is an experienced commercial strategist in the rare disease and oncology biopharma industry. She has worked as the President of US Commercial at Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, VP of Marketing and Market Access at Welldoc and Head of Marketing at Human Genome Sciences, as well as operating her own biopharma consultancy. She will be moderating the technology spotlight “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Data Analytics – Reshaping Complex Diagnostics and Decision-Making in Rare Disease Drug Development” at the Rare Disease Innovation and Partnering Summit in Boston this June.

Jodie Sherman Gillon – Global Medical Lead, Patient Engagement Rare Diseases, Pfizer

With an impressive career focused on medical and patient affairs, Jodie has spent two decades helping pharmaceutical companies develop cutting-edge programs for patient and physician engagement. A prolific speaker, her passion is leveraging big data to tackle industry-wide challenges such as improving diagnosis rates for challenging conditions. She will be participating in the panel “The Role of Disease Awareness Campaigns for Rare Disease” at the Rare Disease Innovation and Partnering Summit in Boston this June.

About Swoop and

Founded in 2011, Cambridge-based Swoop provides cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to healthcare’s most modern problems. By applying the latest technological offerings to health data, Swoop enables better health outcomes by helping the biopharma industry understand, find and engage their Ideal Patient Populations. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swoop that provides clients with a unique mix of healthcare subject matter expertise, big data capability and patient privacy protection.

If you have any questions about Swoop and, our commitment to patient outcomes, our dedication to privacy, or our Patient Advocacy and Privacy Advisory Board, please contact us at [email protected]