CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Continuing his company’s industry-leading drive to tie digital activity with real-world outcomes, Swoop co-founder and CTO Simeon Simeonov has joined the IAB’s Identity & Audience Data and Measurement & Attribution Committees.

Swoop, a digital advertising marketplace focused on the automotive and health verticals, has long been a vocal proponent of ad metrics that affect real marketing outcomes. Their ecosystem is designed for marketers who value actions like new-to-brand prescriptions, patients remaining on therapy, and other outcomes that speak to a longitudinal view of a pharmaceutical patient journey.

The two IAB committees joined by Simeonov focus on developing industry best practices and educating advertisers on measuring and using data, with specific concern for audience measurement, attribution and privacy.

“I hope to use my experience in creating real, measurable value for advertisers to help shape industry best practices,” says Simeonov. “I believe that as the digital advertising ecosystem continues to evolve, it is necessary for us to connect real outcomes to digital engagement and actions, and continue leaving behind old-world metrics that don’t contribute to real bottom-line marketing success.”


Founded in 2011, Swoop brings search advertising to informational online content. Created with the belief that advertisers, publishers and end users are all equally an ad tech’s customer, Swoop provides ads that perform well for publishers, convert highly for advertisers and give end users a non-invasive, relevant advertising experience.